The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation

WACAP’s institutional home was moved from UNDP to the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) in 2014. The transition is consistent with the priorities outlined by the UN Secretary-General and member states to foster greater harmonization throughout the UN system, and with UNDP’s priority to place South-South cooperation at the center of its policies and programmes. The convergence of WACAP with UNOSSC affords opportunities to build upon important synergies for strengthening triangular and south-south cooperation among traditional donors, emerging donors and partner cities – a goal that is central to the WACAP mission, and in the full spirit and mandate of UNOSSC.

The move is also expected to bolster WACAP through strengthened institutional support as it looks towards future expansion and rising volumes of partnerships, networks and technical exchanges emanating from the Global South, while ensuring the uninterrupted provision of timely and effective support to its network of member-cities. The move will also result on greater emphasis being placed on building WACAP involvement from cities in the Global South, with the immediate effect of having the Global Forums hosted each year in a Southern city.

logo-unossc1For UNOSSC, whose mandate is to promote South-South cooperation across the UN system and the international development community, the affiliation with WACAP is also expected to yield important strategic and programmatic benefits. It will be able to broaden its reach with municipal leaders and partner networks in developing countries, and to further strengthen the sharing and scaling-up of solutions to urban challenges identified and tested in the Global South, and supported through triangular cooperation with cities of OECD/DAC countries.

The transition will also enable the Alliance to benefit from the UNOSSC 3-in-1 multilateral support architecture, enabling it to leverage synergies with the GSSD Academy, the GSSD Expo and the South-South-Gate networking platform for the exchange of innovative development solutions and technologies.

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