Final Declaration

1st WACAP Forum – Lyon, France – October 12 – 14, 1998

We, municipal representatives, gathered in Lyon (France) at the initiative of the United Nations Development Programme from 12 to 14 October 1998, for the first Forum of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty, Declaration adopted on the 14th, October 1998, in Lyon, during the 1st Forum of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty:

United in the face of widespread and increasing poverty and social exclusion, which affect both industrialised and developing countries, and of the multifaceted nature of poverty,

Considering that the various forms of poverty affect a large number of our fellow citizens, causing a deterioration of their living conditions: unemployment, exclusion, insecurity, increased vulnerability to disease, low educational attainment and limited participation in the economic and political decisions that govern their existence,

Taking into account the powers and responsibilities conferred upon us,

We recognise that our municipalities have an important role to play in meeting the challenges posed by poverty, in generating new action by local players and in supporting the efforts of those who are directly affected by the various forms of poverty,

We express our refusal to allow poverty to continue and our determination to intensify our action, to encourage new local partnerships and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by our membership in the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty to act more effectively and to engage in collective action where appropriate,

In particular :

We shall intensify our exchanges so that the experience of each becomes the wealth of all,

We shall develop solidarity with targeted objectives, so that the capacities of some cities can be used to meet the needs of others,

We shall strive to become more accessible, transparent and open to all without discrimination.

We invite our fellow citizens, their associations and institutions of all kinds without exception, together with businesses and every level of government, to make the fight against poverty and social exclusion a priority and to implement effective international cooperation endowed with resources proportional to the scale of the problems.

It is a question of dignity.